Professor Matthew Reynolds

Matthew Reynolds is Professor of English and Comparative Criticism at the University of Oxford, where he chairs the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Research Centre (OCCT) and leads the Prismatic Translation project.  Among his books are Prismatic Translation (2019),  Translation: A Very Short Introduction (2016), The Poetry of Translation: From Chaucer & Petrarch to Homer & Logue (2011), Likenesses: Translation, Illustration, Interpretation (2013), The Realms of Verse, 1830-1870: English Poetry in a Time of Nation-Building (2001), and the novels Designs for a Happy Home (2009) and The World Was All Before Them (2013).  

The Jane Eyre Generator

The Prismatic  Jane Eyre project explores Charlotte Brontë’s novel as it co-exists across time in around 700 translations into at least 59 languages, i.e. as a phenomenon of continual textual generation. Drawing mainly on that research, this talk will investigate the relationship between generation and regeneration in our thinking about translation, trans-cultural connections and literary change across (shall we say?) the generations. Who generates what in the field of literary translation? – and what work is done by the prefix ‘re-‘ in ‘regeneration’?

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